slow life retreats menorca is made up of people passionate about yoga, about the Mediterranean cultures and ways of life, about you. This is who we are.

Mónica González
yoga teacher

Mónica has been a yoga teacher for more than 15 years. Her curiosity drives her to explore many disciplines and she has created her own set of practices. She specialises in private, personal classes, where she can really focus on her clients' wellbeing. Her approach to yoga, and to life, is holistic. She has been living in Menorca with her daughter for twelve wonderful years.

Our vision is to make slow life yoga & retreats an unforgettable experience for you. This island has changed our lives, and we would like to share our passion for it with you.

Join us in making Menorca a unique destination for the discerning many, for those who care about themselves and about the world we all share.

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